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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

My name is Sofia you can call me Sofii. I am super excited to see your interest in reaching out to me for my services.

I always knew that I thrive with working with people. I graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.A. in Sociology also a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a minor in Spanish. After that, I have had numerous jobs that have helped me be where I am today, and have helped me become a person that loves to help people with the struggles and challenges of daily lives. Jobs like the following: correction officer, social worker, police reserve officer and a probation officer all in Washington State. Throughout my journey in life, I have volunteered for the Juvenile Truancy Board in Yakima, WA. , Latah County Sheriffs Office in Moscow, Idaho and St. Joseph Church in Yakima, WA. I have attended many trainings as well that have certified me to be a better asset to your services and help you be the best version you can be.

My goal is really just to leave a positive impact on everyone I meet, whether it be a smile or a changed heart.  

If you're considering private coaching, to continuing improving your life and situation, check out my personal coaching website for more information. 

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